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Frequently Asked Questions


Who can be my Executors?

It is usual to appoint an Executor such as a close friend, relative or professional. You must have at least one Executor although a maximum of four is permitted at any one time.

What is the order process?

We have tried to make the process of ordering your Will online as easy as possible:

1. Click either the 'Single Will Order' or 'Mirror Will Order' links on the left of the screen.
2. Enter the required information and select how you would like to receive our questionnaire* (by email, post or phone).
3. Make a secure payment by credit/debit card online, call us with your card details or send a cheque in the post.
4. We will send you a copy of our questionnaire* as per your delivery preference to complete with your details.
5. Return the completed questionnaire when you are ready for us to draft your Will.
6. We will send a draft copy of your Will for your approval.
7. Upon approval we will send your Will by recorded delivery.

It's very straightforward and we provide a comprehensive, printed instruction sheet with your Will, and full after sales assistance should you need it.

* The questionnaire is easy to complete and simply asks for details such as: 'what you want to go to who' and 'who will oversee the split of your assets' (your Executors).

Please note you DO NOT need to visit a solicitor. If you have a query please call us on 0203 318 0245.

Who should be my witnesses?

Your witnesses can be anyone so long as they are over 18 years of age and not named in the Will, related to anyone in the Will or living at the same address. We would recommend a friend, neighbour, colleague etc.

Should I appoint a guardian for my children?

Yes if they are under 18 absolutely. Please note that under the Children Act 1989 the surviving parent would be likely to have what is known as 'parental responsibility' and so be entitled to care for the children in preference over anyone else, including those named in the Will.

What does the term 'Executor' mean?

An Executor is the person or persons (Executors) who are responsible for ensuring the instructions set out in your will are carried out as written. The term 'Executor' actually refers to male and a female with this duty is known as an 'Executrix'

What does the term 'Residue' mean?

The residue of your estate (your estate is everything you own) is what is left after specific gifts have been given out i.e. if you owned a house, a car, furniture, other items and a diamond ring but left the diamond ring to your friend and the 'residue of your estate' to your partner then he or she would receive everything bar the diamond ring.

Can I make updates to my Will?

Yes you can, we charge a small fee to make updates your Will, currently this is £10.

Can you store my Will securely?

We can store your Will for life in a secure storage facility thus protecting it against fire and flood risks amongst others. This service is available for £12 per annum.

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